Survivault™ Concierge is the ultimate in disaster preparedness ease.

With Survivault™ Concierge, you don’t have to lift a finger to get your family Seriously Prepared™. We’ll do the work for you!

An experienced Survivault™ professional will come to your home and conduct a room-by-room assessment of things that can be done to make your home more earthquake safe. We evaluate emergency supplies you may already have, help you set up an out-of-state emergency contact list, and guide you through other important activities that help you become Seriously Prepared™.

For an additional fee, we will provide Survivault™ supply modules as needed, including water, as well as project manage any recommended safety work to make sure it gets done properly, using your vendors or ours. Just leave it to us.

This service is currently only available in the Greater Los Angeles area.

Purchase Survivault Concierge and schedule an earthquake safety audit.