Here are links to disaster resources and information you might find useful.

Survivault’s™ List of Non-Essential Supplies

A list of potentially useful, but non-essential, items you may want to supplement your disaster supplies with. Includes links to affiliated partners for easy purchase.

Survivault’s™ Free Disaster Preparedness Presentation

Survivault Family Emergency Plan Cards

FEMA Earthquake Home Hazard Poster: Making Your Home Earthquake Safe

Southern California Earthquake Center’s Earthquake Safety Guide

LAFD Emergency Preparedness Booklet

Useful guide with easy-to-follow illustrations about how to shut off your gas valve and other practical information

5-Step Neighborhood Disaster Planning Guide

A simple planning guide from the Los Angeles Emergency Management Department to help you get your neighborhood prepared for an earthquake or other disaster.

Pregnant Women’s Guide to Earthquake Prep

March of Dimes guide for pregnant women and how to prepare for an earthquake

Earthquake Preparedness for Pets and Service Animals

Handy information from the City of Los Angeles Emergency Management Department about how to help prepare your pet(s) before an earthquake strikes.

California Department of Conservation – State Earthquake Information

U.S. Geological Survey – Earthquakes

Lists daily earthquakes in California and worldwide, locations, magnitudes, interesting facts

National Hurricane Center

National Weather Service Storm Prediction Center

Track storm and tornado conditions throughout the U.S.

National Interagency Fire Center

Track the status of wildland fires throughout the U.S.

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