Disaster preparedness supplies aren’t much use if they’ve expired. A big challenge to maintaining your disaster preparedness supplies is remembering to replace them before they expire. Survivault™ helps ensure your disaster supplies are always up to date with a free e-reminder service. On each anniversary of your purchase, you’ll receive an electronic communication reminding you it’s time to replace the water and other personal items you may have added to your supplies, like pet food or medications. Every third year, you will receive a similar reminder about updating food, batteries, and first aid supplies. You can choose to replace supplies yourself, or with a simple mouse click, Survivault™ will have them delivered to your doorstep*.

Households with children have an option to receive e-reminders every six months about swapping out clothes they’ve added to their supplies which the children might have outgrown. For children three years of age and younger, you can choose to receive reminders every three months about exchanging their clothes, diapers, and formula/food.

Ensuring your disaster preparedness supplies are always up-to-date is one more thing we do to keep you Seriously Prepared™.

*water replacement service not included at this time