Our mission at Survivault™ is to provide peace of mind to families and individuals in disaster-prone areas by making it easy for them to effectively cope with the aftermath of a major disaster. Our guiding philosophy is to do everything with the same passion, thoughtfulness and care we would for our own families.

 We deliver on this three ways. First, we offer complete disaster preparedness kits with the essentials for one week or more, divided into four modules: food, shelter, first aid, and sanitation. These modules eliminate the need for you to worry about what to include and how much to get. Survivault™ staff field test every product. If something doesn’t meet the standards we’ve set for our own families, we won’t sell it to yours.

 We also offer our Concierge Service where an experienced Survivault™ professional will conduct a room-by-room assessment of your home and identify steps that can be done to make it safer in the event of earthquake or other disaster. For an additional fee, we will provide Survivault™ supply modules as needed,including water, as well as project manage any recommended safety work to make sure it gets done properly, using your vendors or ours. Just leave it to us. This service is currently only available in the Greater Los Angeles area.

Finally, we include an automated e-reminder service to notify you when the contents of your disaster preparedness kit require replacement. With one click, you’ll have the peace of mind that comes with knowing your supplies are always up-to-date, without the inconvenience of having to remember to do it yourself.

 We take our responsibility very seriously. At every step of the development process, we’ve consulted with experienced disaster response and medical professionals to make sure we’re providing what’s needed most, with the quality and assurance we’d want for our own families. Compare Survivault™ to any other disaster preparedness kit on the market or whatever you may have put together yourself. We believe you’ll agree, only Survivault™ gets you Seriously Prepared™.

With Survivault's Concierge Service, we'll deliver everything you need to your doorstep: water, food, shelter, first aid and sanitation!

With Survivault’s Concierge Service, we deliver everything you need to your doorstep: water, food, shelter, first aid and sanitation! Or simply order a la carte.